Phew! The holidays are over. It was fun but darn it’s exhausting! Just ask The Ginger Menace. He was definitely in overdrive. He and his Super Cousin had a fantastic time but their parents were pooped, and that’s okay. Read all about it in my new post Over-Stimulation! #bravecreativeme #massivecreativebloominvoked #queerparents #queerfamilies #recoveryfromholidays

Gay and Away

So as year 2016 rolls around the final Pink Play Magazine Issue of the year has also tumbled out. I think we all know how preparedness can help us going into uncertain times so here is an offering on the LGBTQ+ community in their “Twilight Years” and the ways we can help plan on a more joyous, healthy and secure future. My feature article “Gay and Away: Retirement and Beyond” I talk about  personal experience in dealing with the unexpected as well as speaking with some other sage queer folk sporting some wise words of advice! Have a beautiful New Year …

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How Black Mothers Say I Love You: Review

My new article came out! The autumnplay! 2016 issue of PinkPlayMags is HERE, and in it we continue our journey of looking at the stages of life and especially for LGBTQ people. This is including an article and interview by moi with the phenomenal Trey Anthony on her fantastic production How Black Mothers Say I Love You. Be so proud all of you, you have done some hauntingly beautiful work! I will be back to Factory Theatre when it returns in January. Download a PDF and take it on the go or pick up a printed copy http://pinkplaymags.com/edition-archives/


I was very sad. Through the new transitions on my website I lost access to my blog for a while and I really felt quite panicked about it. I love this space I have created and I love using it to express myself! Now I have partial access I wanted to post this as I saw it sitting in the “out” pile. It is a part of my intention to really brand myself as the Brave.Creative.Me I am. I don’t know what will happen in the future, what it will look like and how the labels that apply to me …

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My Heart is Here

Or maybe it should be oops, my heart is here. After the last fantastic and blissful two days I woke up feeling euphoric. I have seen so many grateful and open minded people and have felt like a superstar giving back to my community like this. However when I woke up I also woke up to a reminder and realised is it possible? Have I really been so incredibly busy on my power week that my wedding anniversary slipped my mind? This has never happened in five years. I knew it was coming so maybe I subconsciously distracted myself? Well it …

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Urban Oasis

Hello all! I just wanted to let the folks in Toronto know of a wonderful free event where I work at the Inner Arts Collective, a very women, queer and trans positive place! The Urban Oasis is where I will be during The Taste of the Danforth! You can get a complimentary reiki or reflexology treatment from me or something else from one of our many gifted practitioners! I have also just started gearing up for my Narrative Healing course so you can also consult me regarding that! Stroll around and eat fantastic food until you are good and tired and would …

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A Skunk Tale

Holy heck  I am so overwhelmed and in awe of this week! Yesterday I facilitated my first Narrative Healing Workshop and I have had requests to do another!  As you see, my heart is so ready! I am so ready to step into my new healing journey and go full out!  I am also super  excited to get into the major planning  stage for my… 6 Week Narrative Healing Workshop Series!  It will be offered on Thursday evening at 7pm from September the 8th to October 13th at the Inner Arts Collective.  Not only did I have that amazing event yesterday but I have another …

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Most Important Story

Excited to start on my  journey as a Narrative Healing Facilitator!     Narrative Healing: Creative Writing For Your Healing Journey Date: Wednesday August 3rd 2016 Location: Inner Arts Collective Address: 257 Danforth Avenue, Toronto Time: 230pm to 4pm Fee: $10 For more information see my website: http://www.feetmatter.ca/narrative-healing.html To reserve your spot call (416) 317-2124
 or Email me at wilk.kelly@gmail.com For more information on myself or my practice visit: www.feetmatter.ca    

Speaking to Ourself

How do you speak to yourself? Not just speak but nurture yourself with words? Do you do it with encouragement and praise, with joy and hope? I feel you must take advantage of your own voice because it is the one you are sure to hear all of your life, and it is a way more positive conversation if it is kind! Narrative Healing is a curious thing that happens when you write. The moments I am most in need of a good talking to are usually powerful.  No more so in fact than when I address a letter to myself! It’s like a lifeline, or …

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